Country Clubs

ImageThere are a lot of things said about country clubs, some things are true and some aren’t. But belonging to one there is one thing I know. Once you’re in, you’re in. If you get into a country club you are now basically on the inner circle of life. The other members will except you knowing that you got in which means you are probably like them which makes you accepted. But being on the outside of a country club can be a whole different thing. The rich snobs who belong find you unworthy of their attention, and it might just seem like a stereotype but the sad things is, its the truth. If you are not as privileged or wealthy to find yourself playing tennis, hanging out by the pool, or going to the spa then there is a high chance that you will not be getting in with the snobs.

Since the club is only good for some people and makes others feelĀ inferior, I am giving country clubs the rating of, bad. If you belong to one do not take this personally, unless you are one of the people walking back from a golf course laughing at the people mowing it.


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