The Thing

The thing about people are that there are so many kinds. I’m not talking about race or religion, I’m talking about warped personalities. I know that not everyone is a BAD person but only 2% are generally GOOD people. Everyone wants something and deceiving people is one of the ways to get it. With all of the trends these days and the different kinds of people, there’s no stopping what in this world could happen. On this blog I will be pointing out some of these people and trends and other things that pop into my head and rate them. My system works like this. The Good, the things that I feel are not worthless and meaningless, the things that people generally feel attracted to for good reasons. The bad, things that don’t seem to make a lot of sense and are nothing but nonsense, trends and people that make others feel just terrible or enraged. The Ugly, not appearance wise but just in general, things that are annoying, hurtful, etc.   When I post I will rate them, then you guys can give me your opinions for a poll. Things on this website are purely opinions, so don’t take anything personally.Image


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