I’m Back.

Sorry for the brief intermission guys. But when you have a job and so many things that need to be dealt with it can get crazy. Today what I’m going to rant about is fame. I know that some people get fame because they are talented and they deserve it. But when someone gets famous because of someone else it just ticks me off. What ever happened to the golden age of hollywood. Where is Katharine Hepburn or Bette Davis, especially Grace Kelly, who was talented and famous even before she was royalty! It seems like now we are left with the secondary characters. Gag! But when a whole family gets famous because their middle child decides to turn on the camera and do something stupid? That is shameful.


Yes, I know going after the Kardashians is over done. Maybe thats because its just so easy. Kim decides that she’s going to make a sex tape. Not only does this motivation come from her once best friend Paris Hilton, who once did the same thing and it sent her career to an um, new place. You know with all the Razzies and all she’s making quite the name for herself. But not only does Kim do this, but I’m pretty sure that her mom was proud of her for doing it. She only got her 15 minutes of fame when she married Bruce, which is a completely different story. But she’s a mother, what kind of mother decides “ok well you weren’t supposed to do that but since it has made us all famous lets just exploit it and see how far this can take us!” 

The entire premise of the show is one big joke. They think they are some sort of icons for doing what they have done. But did they ever even stop to think that the only reason E! offered them a show was to show the entire world just how stupid they actually are. There is no talent here, no talent at all. Not to mention the fact that they had two young girls on the show from the very beginning. Yeah thats right, anything for the camera. Kris Jenner wins my vote for the worst mother in the country. That probably doesn’t mean much considering that I’m just a small blog, but lets not pretend that everyone isn’t thinking it.

Without a surprise, I rate un worthy famous people, a big fate UGLY. I think my views are shown above. Leave a comment if this seems to have summed up your thinking. If it doesn’t tell me how, I’m interested. Kind of, like i said opinions opinions, some matter and some just don’t. 


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