High School

Well I’m glad to know I wasn’t just talking to myself! Last night someone sent in my very firs request of what to write, and what do you know it, its about highschool.

My anonymous source rated high school a “good” because they said that highschool was a good experience for them. They learned a lot and what kind of person that they really wanted to be. They also said a little something about being the tiniest bit popular.

If I remember highschool at all I think of lockers slamming and books being dropped. I don’t remember the kids so much as I remember the teachers. I had this one teacher who would tell us to write a rough draft for our papers before the final copy, and he wanted us to turn both in.

We turned the rough draft in weeks before we turned the final copy in, but the thing was that he never read the rough drafts. I don’t know why he would ask us to do that if he wasn’t even going to read them. The worst part actually being is that he would give you a 100 on the rough draft but then when he read your final copy you could end up with a 65.

He said that entire paragraphs of your essay were unnecessary and too long. Then he would also say that he doesn’t understand some parts. He would look at you like it was all your fault but in actuality it was his. If he critiqued our rough drafts then our final copies would have been remarkably better.

All in all high school was fun and I did learn a lot from many different experiences, like prom doesn’t have to be like Carrie’s. I rate high school a good for its different people, activities, and lessons.

Same keyboard, different hands.


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