To My Loyal Followers…

Recently I have noticed that most of my posts have been rated ugly. I have also noticed that I am not getting many viewers of my blog. Maybe its because I’m a bad writer or maybe it is because of my assumed negativity. But I would like to change this.

This blog is all about opinions, but the only opinion I’m writing about is mine. This is all about to change.

I want you guys to spread the word that I am now taking suggestions, tips, and ideas about what to write about. I am not only trying to make my blog better, but I am trying to make myself more accessible.

You will have my email to send in your ideas of posts and I will write about your opinions. In your emails to me you will write what you want me to write about and you will give me your personal rating (goos,bad, or ugly) and when I write about them I will give them my own.

So you all know that it is not just me writing about my own personal opinions of things, I will leave this message at the end; “Same keyboard, different hands”

I will on my blog at least once a day, and will check my email at least twice a day to ensure that I get to view your suggestions. Don’t worry, you can send anything you want in without restrictions because all of your tips will be anonymous. They can be personal issues with names (which I will most likely change) or they can just be about celebrities, movies, telivison, books, ANYTHING that interests you.

I would like to thank you all in advanced for helping me make my blog more interesting and interactive!



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