Mario Lopez

Someone sent in an email about Mario Lopez. You know the guy who talks about actual celebrities for money? Well this person was talking about how great they thought he was.

They really liked how upbeat and positive he is and how he can make any situation happy. I on the other hand disagree. I think that he is beyond annoying, anyone who makes money by reporting on the private lives of those who actually have talent to get their money doesn’t sit well with me.

And he is very upbeat and positive, especially when talking about the family problems of our beloved celebs. Mario just because when you were on a show 20 years ago where good acting was optional doesn’t give you the right to judge other people who make a living for being talented. But if you’re going to talk about the Kardashians go ahead because they are somewhat like yourself.

They rated Mario Lopez “Good” and I rate him “Bad”. There can always be a difference of opinion but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect other’s opinions. Thank you for sending in.

Same keyboard, different hands.


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