I made sure with the person who sent this in that it was ok for me to talk about this. But the person who sent me an email has been bullied for years at her school. The years of adolescence are the hardest times. When people are figuring themselves out and who they want to be. The last thing they need is for anyone to question that in a ruthless manner.

He is a teenage boy who has come out to everyone he knows and loves, his parents have accepted that he is gay and so have his closest friends. He said that for a while he was actually on cloud nine with the acceptance of others.

Then he got to school one day and his locker was full of mean notes telling him that he was a mistake and that he shouldn’t go in the locker room. The boys in his grade made an effort to stay away from him and hold their breath when they walked past him. “I don’t want to catch AIDs from that guy!” he heard them say.

This went on for months and when school finally let out on summer break he already had plans to go to a different school. This really bothers me because no one needs to uproot their life and go somewhere else because of someone else. Who you are is who you are and you should never be ashamed.

My heart goes out to this boy and may he find happiness at his new school and in life. Never let anyone tell you who you are or who you can’t be. At least one person will always love you if you love yourself.

Thank you for letting me post this, and I am always here if you need to talk off the record.


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