Double Standard

Has anyone ever noticed that for America everything is a double standard? We always seem to try to solve the problem by doing the same thing. We seem to think that we can do no wrong. We are a world power but at times we still act like we are the new country that doesn’t know how to handle things.

Starting with Pearl Harbor. During WWII Americans were horrified by the idea of concentration camps. How could anyone one be sent away from their homes simply for being a certain religion and not looking the way that the Nazis wanted them to? Well we didn’t exactly seem to be as horrified when we sent innocent Japanese citizens to internment camps. We treated them like cattle, they had NUMBERS, and still we turn a blind eye.

Pearl Harbor was a malicious act of violence that we felt was the darkest day in American History at the time. But that did not stop us from bombing Hiroshima. “It was just because they bombed us!” people often argue. What good is that going to do?

9/11 was undoubtedly the worst moment of the 21st century. And Americans ad the right to retaliate. But the war that we started was kind of a mistake. It was mainly because we thought that people were going to attack us again and we wanted to prevent terrorism. But in some cases we really didn’t have a right invading some places. Once we killed Osama Bin Laden we felt like we were on the way to progress. 3 years later and we still have soldiers sacrificing their lives. It is time to accept the fact that we are not always right. We can not keep doing this to the families of the brave, we can not keep turning a blind eye, and we most certainly can not have the image of America tarnished with this kind of behavior.


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