What is Illegal?

I got an email today about a very controversial topic. Illegal immigration, it is a problem all over the world but the person who emailed me was from America. Here is some information for those of you who may not live in America or may not know much about the subject.

The United States has two bordering countries, Canada and Mexico. The thing is we usually don’t have a problem with immigration from Canada. At least not enough to spark as heated a debate as the immigration from Mexico. 

The person who emailed me is very against those who walk the border trying to prevent the Mexicans from getting into our country. They think that it is the right of any human being to live where ever it is that they choose. They feel as though it is an issue of race, as most Americans don’t have as big a problem with immigration from Canada as they do with Mexico. This person feels very strongly about this because they have heard numerous arguments like “Well they didn’t have to sneak across the border!” or “They at least speak English!” In their opinion these arguments are insufficient. They don’t know that they didn’t sneak across the border, and Canadians also speak French so it is possible that they don’t speak English. And I admit that some of these arguments do fall through.

But in my opinion I am strongly dislike illegal immigration. However I am not saying that I dislike illegal immigrants. The idea of illegal immigration gets on my nerves because there is a way that Americans have established to becoming a citizen. And I do not find it fair to the people who go through this process to be put on hold as the government tries to deal with the problem of people not going through these steps. Illegal immigrants themselves I have nothing against. I do not agree with the method that they took to get into the country, but I don’t know the whole story. Who know if they had something to escape or if they are bad people. Some people just want to start a new life. But I do not agree with sneaking across the border to attain the things that you seek. 

But I am not only talking about the illegal immigration in America today, but also back when the settlers came to America. Lets face it, if you say that its un-american to come into America, take land, steal jobs, etc, you may want to reevaluate unless you are Native American. I’m sorry for bringing up something that most people would like to forget, but they were here first and whether we like it or not, those settlers were illegal immigrants. They were not born here but the natives were and if anything they should have taken up becoming a citizen with them.

I don’t know what to rate this but the person who sent this in rated illegal immigration “good” for giving people a new chance and new hope.

Feel free to leave your thought below or in an email if you want it to be anonymous.

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