Racism Trumps Politics

It’s no secret that the GOP gets a bad rap when it comes to issues of immigration. Often the conservatives are viewed as harsh and unwilling to let people into the country. No doubt that this is an issue that will make itself present in many of the Republican parties’ debates. However, one candidate has already aired his views on immigration from Mexico. Donald Trump is still  under fire today.

How is it that one man can have himself called a racist, be fired from NBC, and denounced by the Latino community with the announcement of his candidacy for office in 2016? Donald Trump never ceases to amaze the American people. Not only did Donald Trump go off on a racist rant about Mexicans in his announcement, but he insultingly added “and I’m sure some of them are good people”. AS IF THAT MAKES WHAT YOU JUST SAID BETTER!

How are we to assume that Trump is any better than the right wing nut jobs that drink beers and parade around the borders with their guns saying “Let’s keep America American!” First off, no where does Trump mension Canada, who most racists forget that we share a border with because the majority of them are Caucasion, but he goes as far as to call Mexicans RAPISTS!

You’re right Trump, I forgot that no rapes are ever committed by any race other than Mexicans! Silly me! But I’m sure it won’t be long until he issues an apology saying “blacks are rapists too! Anyone can be a rapist, just not people who look like me!”

If Trump is elected, not only will our foreign policy suffer, but it can be expected that we will have propaganda posted up everywhere how any race that isn’t caucasion caused WWII. Hey Donald, you do know that technically, the only people who are real Americans are Native Americans correct? You may prefer the term Indians or Redskins, but where people are civilized we like to call them what they truly are: Americans.

Trump 2016: Because Immigrants Can’t Vote!


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