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Instagram Girls

Some of the most annoying people in the world. You can’t stand them but you also can’t help but love them.

Girls on the social networking app Instagram can be stupid and irresponsible. Some believe that if they post enough pictures of themselves in bikinis or clothing that is not appropriate for their age they will get more attention. And the sad thing is that they do. There is this image that is called a tumblr girl and they all strive to be one. Its basically a girl who is pretty enough to wear baseball hats backwards, cover her face when taking a picture, or take a picture of herself with only half her face showing. It may be annoying but some of these girls actually make it classy. Some girls have a private account so that they can screen who follows them which is a smart idea for safety reasons. But some of these girls are so desperate for fame that they let anyone follow them. 

Some of these girls believe that modeling is in their future if they pose on instagram in the right way or enter beauty contest that rate you on who is the prettiest. All in all these girls are the definition of shallow. There was a time where they would block people that they know just because on a scale of one to ten they were below a seven. Apparently you have to be above a seven to be called remotely pretty.

Even though these girls are some of the most annoying human beings, they are entertaining. Not that if you aren’t close to their age you should follow them but if you are close in age it is fun to look at them try to become famous or popular and it has become a very popular use of time.

I will rate these girls, good. I know most won’t agree with that but you can get sucked in for hours laughing at them trying to be “hipster” and being “basic” and “thirsty” some phrases created by some people who think people are being desperate and overly creative. These people can become a guilty pleasure.Image