Who Stole Your Clothes?

This past weekend at a fireworks display for the 4th of July I couldn’t believe what I saw, or didn’t see.

Teenage girls have decided that it is out of style to wear clothes. Like the kind that actually cover you up. Its all about the crop tops and the high wasted shorts. They all looved very partiotic in their denim blue high wasted shorts and there red and white tank tops. But I can’t imagine that they weren’t eaten alive by all of the traditional summer bugs.

The person who sent this topic in rated it an ugly, but I just rate it a bad. We can’t stop people from how they dress but we can stop how we think about it. I think of it as bad, and the other person thinks of it as ugly. What do you guys think about it? Keep sending in ideas for me to post I really love hearing from you guys!
Same Keyboard, different hands.


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